1. Why isn’t there a cabin #1?
    The story passed down through the years is that the resort was owned by two couples who had a disagreement. When the partnership was dissolved, cabin #1 was no longer a part of the resort. In the future, we hope to make the office currently on the west edge of the property into a rentable unit, which would become cabin #1.
  2. Do you offer a discount for groups booking more than one cabin?
    No, we do not. Sticking to the basics has allowed us to operate and grow our business with rates that are lower than many of the other resorts in the area. We take pride in offering clean, comfortable accommodations at a very fair and competitive price. Rates are automatically lower in the spring and fall seasons.
  3. When does bass fishing open?
    In Minnesota, the fishing opener is in May, typically on Mother's Day weekend. Bass season begins approximately two weeks later. For specific information, check the DNR (Dept. of Natural Resources) website at
  4. Why do you charge for infants and small children?
    We include all occupants in the bill for your cabin. While infants and children may not require the amount of space needed for an adult, they do add to the amount of waste produced, utilities used, and cleaning required upon check-out.
  5. Is there an additional charge if we entertain friends or relatives while staying at your resort?
    During the day, we allow each cabin up to two (2) visitors at any one time without an additional charge. If you are expecting visitors during the day who are not registered guests, you must notify us with each of their full names and the approximate time range you expect them to be on the property. A $10 per day per person fee will be added to your bill for any additional visitors beyond the allowed two (2). Additionally, visitors will be charged a fee for the use of property equipment. This is the ensure paying guests do not miss out on any activities during their stay. Visitors on the property after 10 p.m. Central Time will be considered overnight guests and will be added to your lodging bill at a rate of $25 per person per night.
    We reserve the right to limit the number of guests at any time. We require that all guests be communicated ahead of time.
  6. Do you charge for dock space? 
    Dock space must be reserved in advance. Each cabin is permitted one (1) dock space free of charge with their stay.
  7. Do you have an electrical hook-up to recharge my boat/ATV?
    Currently, we do not have an electrical hook-up on any of the docks nor elsewhere on the property to accommodate this request.
  8. Is it possible to get under the bridge and out into the main part of the lake?
    Yes! Smaller fishing boats, kayaks, and canoes are all easily passible under the bridge to the east of the property that leads to the main water of Lake Belle Taine. We do recommend that larger boats and pontoons travel around the island and through the channel to access the main water. The distance is about the same, and the channel is not difficult to navigate.
  9. ​Do you offer Wi-Fi in your cabins?
    Yes, we offer high-speed internet in each of our cabins. Each has a unique password which is listed in the welcome binder provided in each cabin.
  10. Are there TVs in the cabins? ​
    Yes, each cabin is equipped with a smart flat-screen TV. There is no cable; however, you are able to log in to your streaming accounts from the TVs. Please remember to log out when you leave!
  11. Where can I rent a boat and equipment for water skiing?
    We suggest contacting Water Toys (218.732.7778) located on the south end of Big Sand Lake. They rent a variety of equipment on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis.
  12. Where can I buy a fishing license? Bait and tackle?
    Nevis has two stores in town that sell both fishing licenses and bait and tackle, Northwind Grocery and T&M Express. You can also obtain a fishing license online on the Minnesota DNR website.
  13. ​Are there ATV (four-wheelers) trails nearby?
    ​Yes! There are a number of beautiful places to ride in the Paul Bunyan State Forest just north of Nevis. We ask that all-terrain vehicles remain trailered while at the resort. You will need to transport them to the trailhead or an approved site to ride. Maps are available. Riders frequently gather at the Stompin’ Grounds Bar and Grill just north of Akeley, off Highway-64.
  14. How far are the cabins from the lake?
    All of our cabins are located on level ground approximately 75-feet from the lake. Each has a picture-perfect view of the water from the front window.
  15. Are there a lot of steps down to the docks?
    Our cabins sit at the top of a gently terraced slope. The bank is steepest in front of cabin #2 and tapers to almost nothing in front of the office. There are steps in several locations on the resort. Please view the property map on our Overview page for more detail.
  16. What do you mean by "light housekeeping" during our stay?
    In a cabin set up for light housekeeping, you can expect to find most of the essentials for day-to-day living. The beds are made up, and the kitchens are well-equipped. Guests are expected to maintain their cabins and perform light housekeeping throughout their stay. Light housekeeping means that you wash your dishes, take out the garbage, and maintain the cabin in an acceptable manner during your stay.
  17. Do you still require a damage/cleaning deposit?
    Our regular clientele do not have a damage/cleaning deposit with their reservation. However, we reserve the right to charge large groups or events an added deposit to cover cleaning. Guests are expected to pay for any damage that occurs. Leaving a dirty or unkempt cabin upon check-out may result in added charges, and you will not be permitted to return to any Woodson Cabins property in the future.
  18. Do you provide towels or do I need to bring my own?
    Please plan to bring your own beach towels. We provide basic linens and toiletries in the cabins for guests; however, large groups may also want to bring their own bath towels to make your stay more comfortable. Check out our What to Bring page for more recommendations of items to pack.
  19. Do you allow campfires? Do we need to purchase firewood?
    Campfires are permitted in the designated fire ring only. We do have cut wood on-hand that can be used, but guests can purchase wood in Nevis or the surrounding area as needed. Please do not transport your own firewood. Transporting firewood can spread disease. Help us preserve and protect our forests.
  20. May we set up a tent or canopy alongside our cabin / use a camper in the parking lot?
    We are licensed as a commercial property, not a campground. We cannot allow this activity on our property.
  21. Do you have air conditioning in your cabins?
    Most of our cabins have window or wall A/C units. However, in this area, we have warm days and cool nights through most of the summer. We suggest that guests close up the cabin during the day and open it at night to reduce energy. We have also added ceiling fans in many of the units and/or provided standing fans. Feel free to bring your own fans if this is a concern.
  22. Where can I launch my boat?
    Boats can be launched at the public access near the fishing pier in Nevis. Please check your boat and trailer for any vegetation and clean or decontaminate if necessary. In Minnesota, you must remove the plug and drain your boat prior to transport. Help stop the spread of aquatic invasive species. If you have questions, please refer to the Minnesota DNR website. Please note that there may be an inspector at the public landing. The laws are designed to protect the lakes and streams of Minnesota. Failure to comply could result in a fine.
  23. You do not allow pets. Is there a good boarding kennel nearby?
    We love animals, but we also understand not all our guests do. Due to the close proximity of our cabins and respecting others' comfort, we do not allow pets on our property at this time. There are some great boarding options for your furry friend nearby. Check out the following options:
    Snuggle’ n Snooze Inn / 218.732.7387
    Angie’s Groom’ n Board / 218.732.9862
    Dogs Paw / 218.237.9729
    Glory Be Kennels / 218.732.4620
    Town n Country Animal Clinic / 218.732.3445
    Walker Animal Hospital / 218.547.3222
  24. We like to eat out. Are there any good restaurants nearby?
    Yes! We have an abundance of restaurants in the area. Ranging from pizza parlors, fast food chains, short order dinners serving down-home comfort food, to bars and grills, ethnic restaurants, and fine dining. Prices range considerably, and we recommend pulling up Google Maps to explore your options. Please note that we are in a seasonal area, and many restaurants are only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Additionally, "late night" in north-central Minnesota is very different than in the city. Many restaurants close their kitchens around 10 p.m. or earlier. We offer suggestions for dining in the welcome binders provided in each cabin, and some will even deliver take-out orders to the property.